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Marilyn B. Arceo

Lakeland, FL & Los Angeles, CA

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I completed my undergraduate at California Lutheran University and obtained my Bachelor's in Computer Science with a minor in Applied Scientific Computing. I am currently pursuing my Master's in Innovation and Technology at Florida Polytechnic University. I'm currently working on applications of big data for gaming/player experience purposes for my master's thesis.

I believe that every person is a problem solver and that we should all look at every (if not, most) situations that arise in science in a problem solving mindset. How do we solve "x" issue? How do we plan a solution out? These are some of the things that I think about (and always think about) now ever since my Physics class back at high school. My physics teacher had told us that he was going to teach us to become the problem solvers of the world. Those words resonated through me ever since the first lecture he gave us on the first day of Physics class during my senior year. I fell in love with Physics and the mindset that it had gifted me. Physics taught me how to look at situations and problems in the world in a different way. I looked at situations in a more problem solver mindset that physics has taught me.

Until this day, I continously try to look at every situation in a more problem solving mindset and try to apply all the tools that I have learned from my schooling, from high school, undergrad and now my graduate program. As a scientist, you have to learn to look at given problems through different perspectives and outlooks in order to find the best possible solution. That's what I want to do. To become the best problem solver in my field.

  • Work
    • Marketing Data Analyst
  • Education
    • California Lutheran University
    • Florida Polytechnic University