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archie monger

A great body or nice face is nice but self-confidence and brains make a man lovely! I have both. Don't doubt, I know how to surprise and impress, I have a great sense of humor and I can make almost anyone smile! Would you like me to light up your life? Well I think that there is so much to say about me in fact, that it might be a nice book, not just several lines! But I guess, as a good man I need to keep some mystery and let you discover me more and more! OK? I will only say that life is unpredictable and appearance is not always a reflection of inner world, I know it very well being a fashion icon. But if you know me better you will understand that I am a very faithful, kind_hearted person, I know what I want and I believe in self-development and achieving all goals I put! So right now my goal is to aim your heart, am I lucky?