Niharika Giri

Architect and Urban Designer in Mumbai, India

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Introductions are a fickle situation for me. I cannot explain who I am in a sentence or two without omitting key components of my identity. When i meet someone, an attempt to summarize myself often sounds like I am a word compressing stock broker on Wall street.

The choices I make are a reflection of who I am. An individual who intends to take on her dreams head on.

I am an Indian, born and raised in a family where people love to read fiction just as much as science, where people would enjoy Old Hindi songs just as much as old rock and funk. So don't be too surprised if you find my choices varied. I do not stick to a particular genre!

Coming from such background, I have developed a sense of liking for both science and fiction. I am a dreamer, a thinker, an observer. Music has been an integral part part of me ever since childhood. ( I do not claim of having any skills at playing any of the musical instruments,but i appreciate music)

Amidst the sea of diversity, it has been difficult to establish a personal identity. But i have no intention of giving up anytime soon!

My deep passion for arts, specially the design of spaces around me has led me to where i stand today- an architect in the making. I'm pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Architecture (currently in final year). Driven by the desire to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional, I decided to follow my own goals and dreams, and not my family's, who'd rather see me graduating from a business school that an architecture school.

So here I am, just another individual in this big big world, trying to make a difference.

  • Work
    • NASA India
  • Education
    • Notre Dame Academy, Patna
    • National Institute of Technology, Patna