Archana Karnik

Writer in Pune, India

Archana Karnik

Writer in Pune, India

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Since the day I have started writing I have been trying to write about something different each and every time. To start with, all I look for is one good thought and some facts about it and then it is like the rain drops falling on ground, words in my mind gets poured on a paper. But when it comes to writing about me, suddenly those black clouds of rain, in my case the clouds of words gets disappeared. And no matter how hard I try to find them, I never succeed.

But now I am going to try it. Lets see how it goes…

If you have come here from the link on my blog, then definitely you might be wondering what a connection between Anannya and Archana is. Basically they both are same. The person behind all this is Archana, that’s me and I prefer writing by the name Anannya because Anannya means unique.

Writing is one of my hobbies, I never wrote a diary or something like that because living with a family and keeping a diary always scares me. I don’t remember what the first thing I wrote was but it was definitely not a poem. Good thing for me would be, my journey towards writing had started.

Belonging to a family where 2 members work in IT, I also entered in that field (without anyone forcing me to) and continued my writing as a hobby and sometimes for relaxation. And at the beginning it was limited to me only. But then people around me got to know about my hidden skills and because of their constant encouragement I started sharing my writing through facebook, via text message etc.

In that journey I met many to inspire me and correct me. Some people suggested me to start a blog but I was really not sure whether I will be able to continue my writing or not.

But now I believe I can keep this thing active and I am doing it.

I will not call myself a geek but yes a pure technical person have taken a big step in her life to quite 9-7 IT job and be a full time writer. And it was only because of my family and friends who have put a faith in me and gave me a chance to follow my dreams. Without their support I wouldn’t even have dared to dream about it.

This journey is not going to be easy and I have never liked doing easy things.

I am going to need your support and your frank opinions about my writing, without it I will not be able to improve as a person or as a writer.

With love,