Archana O'Connor

Web Developer and Mother in Mauritius

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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my page. My name is Archana O'Connor, I live in Mauritius also known as the "Pearl Of Indian Ocean"

Am sure my name is a bit confusing first name sound indian and last name irish. Well in 2006, I left my 7 years old daughters (twins) to go to Ireland to make a better living for my kids and myself unfortunately situation did not permit me to bring my kids along with me as I was going to a completely unknown place for me as I never travelled in my life before. It was a big risk or if you want to say a big challenge as I knew NO ONE there. It was a total blank canvas. My father (my HERO) supported me financially as I did not had the capital to take that life changing journey. He gave me 1000 euros for my expenses and my returned ticket was for a month, so I did had the choise to return back home if things did not went well for me as you never know what future holds for you...

What I went through there was the reality of life hitting me in the face. I thought my hardest time for me at that time was when I was going through my divorce process and have two babies of a year old. It was 100 times harder than that having to live without my two little angels who have never been apart since birth. I was lost without them, it was not them that need me in actual fact it was me that need them as they were my courage, my inspiration, my light in this dark world.

I had the last 9 euros left in my account before I got my very first job, and from that point onward I made a complet U turn.

In 2009 I met my husband got married in 2011, our son was born on the 25th April 2013 and 15th January 2014 we came to Mauritius to rejoice with our family me, my husband and our 3 kids.

There is still ups and downs but nothing like when I was lonely. IF THERE IS NO UPS AND DOWNS IN LIFE, LIFE WOULD BEEN BORING...