Tim W

Hi, my name is Tim, and I have been a model railroader for all of my life, initially O gauge Lionel as a child, and later, HO, which was more prevalent while growing up in the teen years, with a small layout taking up less space than O. When my kids were born, I wanted to introduce them to the joy I had as a child, therefore I provided them with age appropriate trains, Thomas & Friends, and the like. My first two children absolutely adored Thomas, they knew all of the train's names and faces, especially my boy. My third child who was born a few years later, never cared much for trains. So, it was those early years with the first two, that had trains all over the house.

As they grew older, I made them a very small oval in O gauge, on a table I made in my son's bedroom.

It wasn't until a few years later, that I was in my workshop, and decided to make a stone arch bridge just on a whim, in O gauge. It was then, that I discovered the joy of making them. My early work wasn't bad, somewhat rudimentary, and took a lot of time, as it was experimental initially. But as I continued, I yearned to make arch bridges that were representative of existing stone arch bridges. There aren't very many in the State where I reside (Michigan), but there are a few, therefore I have searched the globe (by internet) and have found that there are a lot more than a person might realize, around this country and the world. Their beauty can be breathtaking. I have also made generic stone arch bridges, and tried and developed (and scrapped) many ideas along the way.

But, I discovered this as a passion. I always wanted to be a bridge builder someday, but I naturally assumed iron and steel, rather than models, made of various other materials, and now I use a variety of materials on some bridges, foam on others. No matter what material I may choose to use, my passion remains.

I really enjoy helping other modelers who may want a stone arch bridge on their layout, but haven't the time or the technique to make what they are envisioning. I enjoy providing that service, and filling that gap. I make O gauge, G gauge, HO, and N. O, is of course my favorite.

If you are interested in a bridge, I will provide a free quote. I make bridges in all price ranges, so please do not be afraid to inquire. I will generally work within anyone's budget to produce a very nice looking model for their layout. I really enjoy what I do, and I would rather have a happy customer who feels like he has a fine bridge, for