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Hello friends... With a lot of effort I created a site for all the Archer fans, where I will talk about each and every one of the characters, without more than saying, visit us.

Movistar Series exclusively broadcasts the 9th season of Archer, the most irreverent, nonsensical, shameless, politically incorrect, original and intelligent adult animation comedy on TV created for FX Networks (Fargo) by Adam Reed (Frisky Dingo, Sealab 2021) winner of an Emmy for Best Animated Series.

1939. The world awaits the imminent beginning of World War II. The new Sterling Archer is a one-eyed, alcoholic pilot who crashes his plane on a Pacific island. Following the dynamic of thematizing each season at random, with Archer still in a coma, the new episodes give another twist to the extravagant 'dream team' of the Secret Service of International Intelligence.