archetyp e

in place of the usual redundant list of producer/dj credentials, i decided to use this space to present something with at least a little more value. nothing too expensive or fancy, just some thoughts and maybe a little light on who i am and where i think i fit in the omniverse of music. i will warn you now, it's not personal in the way that someone would talk about them selves. its really like an interview that only had one question, why do you do what you do? first thing i gotta do is just lay it out there and say that i do not consider myself to be a musician. i understand some general theories behind music but i can not play any instruments and i can not read music. i wish i could but i left that dream back when i made the choice to become a producer. let's just say i feel lucky to live in a time when producers can do so much with music, without the aid of a musician. i say this with the most respect for musicians of course. i came into this via djing but only spent a short time thinking of myself as a dj. i really didn't take the time to master the craft. this makes me look bad to those who look for what i would consider superficial traits that make dj's desirable. i can dj of course but i do it with the spirit of a jazz musician. to better explain, i know my material that i am using in my set but i don't know how i will put it together till it happens. i try feel my way though it in real-time. i do this on a personal level. true: i dj more for myself than any crowd that i am playing for, i consider both but favor my own instincts over crowd manipulation and feed back. this is supported by a degree of risk taking. taking chances with mixing some things in a way that will create something new and interesting or failing and causing dissonance with the crowd. this has some good and bad things attached to it of course and i believe the risk is worth it. i think i would be bored otherwise. in my world travels i have only met a few crowds that have been in sync with this approach and those special cases could have just been our energies syncing up at that moment. ideally this could happen weekly. on the real, djing just didn't answer all the questions i had about music. i was instantly attracted to the idea that i can edit music and manipulate on the fly.