Archi Fernandez

London, England.

Hi, my name is Diego, but you can call me Archi. I was born in California, USA, I lived in México when I was a child, now I'm 19 years old and I'm a student on Oxford, London.
I like the motocross and american football, just like all sports, my hobby is travel of around the world. I live alone since I was 13 and I like discovering new places.
I speak 5 languages, my favorite food is the sushi and pizza, my favorite color is red.
I have 3 pets, a dog, a snail and an iguana. I can play 18 musical instruments and I love the music, this is how my drug.

...and I don't know what more write here so I'll put a smile face ok? here is :D

  • Education
    • Oxford University