Archie Donoyan

An experienced petroleum engineer with significant expertise in field management, Archie Donoyan oversaw planning and development for drill sites on behalf of such global energy leaders as Chevron Corporation and Gulf Oil. In his current role as a civil and petroleum engineer, he advises companies, municipalities, and other entities about matters related to oil and gas drilling and construction. As more governmental entities and landowners consider the financial potential of drilling and well permits, they increasingly depend on the services of knowledgeable engineers such as Archie Donoyan.

Archie Donoyan facilitates informed decisions by his clients through diligent analysis and in-depth reports about potential drilling projects. He provides court testimony about oilfield issues, including injuries and damages associated with development and wells. He also delivers recommendations and evaluations about civil engineering functions and claims.

During his tenure at Gulf and Chevron, Archie Donoyan directed well production for oil and gas operations. He managed existing wells to ensure optimal production of resources. While production remained a key concern, he often undertook workovers of wells that were past their useful lives, handling such tasks as land reclamation and environmental design.

In addition to his work in the energy industry, Archie Donoyan served as a municipal mining engineering consultant. His efforts in this capacity include administration of a 12-year grant from the United States Department of Energy involving remediation of an abandoned mine. The endeavor necessitated multiple assessments of safety, hazardous materials, and geotechnical and geophysical issues. Moreover, he created engineering designs for stabilizing and closing the mines and managed construction for the venture.

A graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, Archie Donoyan earned a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering. He supports such organizations as Greenpeace and the Democratic Party and has served as a volunteer forest fire fighter. In his spare time, Archie Donoyan enjoys chess, skiing, tennis, and jazz.