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Archie Ron

born Archibald Ronald Moyo jr.

scholar, blogger,singer-songwriter... currently studying for my Bcom Honours degree in business Management (which i want to major in Strategic Management) with the National University of Science & Tecnology [Zimbabwe]

i am also a blogger who tries to express his blog, most of the stuff i write seems to be sad and this is beacuse i wanted people going through a hard time to know that they are not alone and they are not the first.

Part of a four member group called Ludicrous Rapertoire, so named because of the variety of the music we record. the group is currently working on an ep to get our music out

Personally as an artiste, i grew up to r&b; and soul ballads so as a solo artiste i compose r&b; and neo-soul song looking for an acoustic feel. As far as music is concerned i still have a long way before any of my efforts are realised but i am working hard Dream it_Make it Happen