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Hello, my name is Archibald but you can also call me Archie. My tumblr is, and my IG is @blueorbs ( art only )

if you see me talk / see the name "guile", that's my alter.

I'm pansexual and currently taken by Maxie (teammagmas on tumblr) 💖❤️and I'm in a queer platonic relationship w/ the best qpp ever.!💖💙

I am self diagnosed with depression, anxiety and BPD and I am extremely suicidal... I sometimes may act really really childish but please don't yell at me or tell me to stop because I will probably get really upset,, Ive always had really bad trust issues and I find it hard to talk to people in general. I also have horrible abandonment issues and will leave a lot of people out of fear. Try not to hate me for it please I can't control it..

i do not post indirects/vague about people ( unless it's someone irl )

I go by he / him pronouns and I am a trans male.

☔️ ID's ⛅️

💧🐳 | ME ... This is not a kin this is actually me: Archie - Pokemon ORAS / Pokespe / RSE. please don't interact with me / request me if you think you're me, because you will be blocked

.my identities are ;

📺📡 | Fluctuates between me and main — ( don't follow )

The Narrator; The Stanley Parable

🌲🌿 | Main — ( do not follow )

Professor Sycamore; Pokemon X/Y
Undyne; Undertale

Joaquin Mondragon; The Book of Life

🍂🍃 | Secondary — ( do not follow )

Cloudburn Geir; MyStereobot

Pirate Captain; 'The Pirates!'

🌸🌻 | Pokekin —

Kyogre ( do not follow )

Sharpedo ( okay to follow ) ⭐️

Bisharp ( okay to follow ) ⭐️

Mega Swampert ( okay to follow )⭐️

Otherkin — ( okay to follow ) ⭐️




If you are Transphobic, Homophobic, Racist or you body shame, are or over the age of 30, or support / post untagged rape / rape mentions, irl gore, animal abuse and underaged ships.... Please don't follow me. If you happen to ship blue/redorbshipping don't follow me... you can ask why but please don't follow! Also please tag fire, lava, death, and if you post a picture w a large amount of bright red in it for me please. also please tag x Ray mentions. Thx!

✌ peace🌻🌸💧