Greg Ness

VP in San Jose, California

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Tech background: Networking, security, virtualization, cloud computing, data centers.

Personal background: compulsive reader and traveller, USTA tennis player, Kriya Yoga practitioner, writer.

Favorite city: Prague.

Favorite time: now and five years from now.


Debut novel: The Sword of Agrippa: Antioch

The Future Collides with Ancient Rome

Plot Summary: Dark energy, ancient Rome, modern Prague, science and shamanism are all entangled in this deep, dark science fiction novel set in 2020, as the world is pulled into another Dark Age.

A small group of oligarchs own science and religion and have used their resources to slow innovation to a crawl, and keep the world dependent upon their resources, their products and services and their own watered down religion and science.

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Read more at The Sword of Agrippa website.

  • Work
    • CloudVelox
  • Education
    • Reed College
    • The University of Texas at Austin