Archit Goyal

Mathematics graduate, Googler, entrepreneur, people enthusiast, facilitator & learner. Believes in the magic of people, the only thing that can produce results is actions taken now and the most beautiful things in life come without money. An avid reader, loves cooking and wants to travel the world - through books, through people, through food, in place. One day, you might just find him in that city of the world creating magic with people, for people.

Inspired by:

शक्ति के विद्युत्कण विन्यस्त,
विकल जो बिखरे हैं निरुपाय!
समन्वय उनका करे समस्त,
विजयिनी मानवता हो जाय !!
-Jayshankar Prasad ... in Kamayani