Arch Respite

Nursing homes are increasingly becoming a place for safe and timely care for the elderly. It is the practical aspect of most modern lives. But choosing one and then finally deciding on making your parent or relative stay there is a difficult choice to make. To place your parent or elderly in care outside of your home does warrant you to ask some tough questions from the staff at the nursing homes. Don’t be hesitant when it comes to clearing your doubts. In fact a very good way of judging the staff there is to see how they handle your concerns. The attitude and dedication of the staff is tested better this way.

Also these facilities don’t come cheap. So if you want value for money that is impeccable care of your loved one, something that you are unable to provide tangibly, these are the three things that you should keep in mind:

1.Location and level of care: Try to aim for some place where you can visit often, without it taking atoll on you. Also be clear about the level of specialized care that your parent might need. Or how much of these needs, can be met. Also the care requirements might scale up in future, is the nursing home capable of handling such a situation?

2.Costs and visiting hours: Be clear about the costs involved and how much your health insurance is paying. Also be aware of the visiting hours and for how many nights your parent can keep away without forfeiting his/ her place at the home. Try to keep these as flexible as possible.

3.Treatment and recreation: Can you keep your own doctor at the home? This is necessary because your parent might not be comfortable with others treating him/her. Also what facilities do they have for recreation? How inmates are kept engaged with each other?

It’s possible that the nursing homes you visit may not fair well on all these criteria, but you have to be smart enough t