Mexico City, Mexico.

Student at the Polytechnic University of Chiapas, is in his first term in group c, with 33 students seeking the same goal, is 18 years old. A young man who has some interest in the exact sciences, to discover how the pieces with mechanical and electronic parts work.

He is about to finish the first quarter, where h learned many things are, I draw assisted by computer, using measuring instruments, perform differential and integral calculations and learn English to prepare for the future.

He complied fortune of belonging to a close-knit group, in which there is mutual support, which has had excellent teachers, which are part of their academic life and in future professional.
He has great expectations of the race, as he plans to learn programming, automate and innovate many machines.
To that decide to opt for this career, work a little field, has taken courses in mechanical, electrical courses, so has some notion of what this race, with which he thinks finish is, to exercise in the best way possible, not meant to be a perfect engineer, but to get to do one of the very good engineers that exist in our society.
He has been interested in taking courses offered by this university, to grow professionally, and thus will be brought into the workplace. To also investigate to obtain a doctorate degree.
Luis Felipe interested to serve society as an engineer, to innovate according to her needs. Knowing a lot of the technology we have and will associate to it.

Luis Felipe thus is considered a person who will be able to become an entrepreneur, learn many things, not just stagnate in this profession. and to learn in other fields.
Suchiapa, Chiapas.
Polytechnic University of Chiapas

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