Bruce Wayne

Gotham City

I'm rich. I have a lot of time. My faithful Alfred takes care of me, old man Lucius my company. And I focus on beating the shit out of criminals!

Most of the time I hang out as a drunk asshole up to no good, but I'm secretely thinking of saving Gotham, a shit city. Few years back, I had a bad beef with Ra's al Ghul and he burned my expensive mansion. Idiot. I drive around in my badass tumbler. It's fast as hell!

Even though I know shit about my business I'm surprisingly successful. One fundraiser with me and you would know about my money. I bought a restaurant and the food there is awful but expensive. I suck at socialising.

Being Batman is difficult. You can't slip into your pajamas and watch How I met your mother. Tony Stark has much better life. But I'm richer.


urgh aainefa

Lol, that was my Batman Voice.

Bruce Wayne.

  • Work
    • Part time vigilante
  • Education
    • I'm a billionaire. Period.