Allan Chase

Grew up in New Jersey, Coastal Virginia and Cincinnati. Went to School in Ohio....graduated Ohio University (Go Bobcats!) went to work for a company in California (San Pedro) was transferred to Dallas, then transferred to Chicago. Went to Europe and played for awhile, then returned to Dallas...Went to work for Large Promotional products Company....was transferred to San Francisco (loved it), then Portland, OR (loved it) then Houston, TX (even loved that!) Not immediately, but eventually. Got married, got two daughters. Was head-hunted and offer was made and I accepted to move to Fort Wayne, IN in 1983. Daughters were raised in that Safe (at least then) environment of semi rural Indiana(learned to LOVE golf there)...Moved to Austin, TX in 1990, and have had my own business since then..ARC Promtional Design. Finally have sunk roots in Austin...I am SO lucky to live here. Parents (Allan and Rowena Chase) hence company name ARC, have passed on. Daughters are both very successful, One in New York City mostly, and the other one in Fort Wayne, IN, where my two beautiful grandchildren are being raised......until I can convice them to move to Austin.