I'm just a small town girl, living in a lonely world... Just kidding. Sorta. Anyways, my name is Laura. I was born in, and have lived in Ohio for all of my life. I have no brothers or sisters; I am an only chid. I do have my two parents though, and four dogs and a cute little baby painted turtle named Little Guy. I like to hang out with the ones I'm close to. If I'm not with them, I feel lonely or isolated, and as if I can't be myself. Now onto my interests... as if you cared, pshhh. I like long walks in the park, basking in the warmths of the sun, and curling up besides the fireplace on a Winter night... LOL NO. (Though the part about long walks in the park was true.) I like to be outside a lot. I love to hike, swim, walk through forests, go on bumpy boat rides, anything to get me away from the world. I don't spend my life outside, though. I love to listen to music, and I'm constantly on the computer. I don't watch much TV, but I do fangirl over a show or two. I can also pretty much entertain myself with anything I find. If I'm lying on the floor (most likely because I tripped), or if I'm cleaning my room, I'll end up picking up a random object near me, and can mess with it for hours before I realize what I'm doing is pretty much pointless. Things I don't like? Well, for one, I hate people that are obnoxious. Or with egos the size of their country. They make me want to smack their face and kick 'em where they don't like it. Unless they're a girl. Then, I'll just smack their face. Because... yeah. Alright. This post is getting to be reallyyyyy longgggg. So I'll try to speed things up before I bore you to death. Hello? Hello? You there? Oh, that's right. I already bored you to death! Silly me. Okay, okay. I'll stop. I also don't like fruit. Weird, but true. I just can't eat it. I hate the taste of it. All fruit just tastes like bitter mush to me. And oh yeah, I hate bees. I mean, I really hate bees. I'm terrified of the little devils. If I see one within 20 feet from me, I scream and run away. Or cry. Or both. WHAT? Alright. So now you know stuff. And other stuff. And... more stuff. Teehee, funny word. Stuff. STUFFSTUFFSTUFFSTUFFSTUFFSTUFF- Oh, that's right. You're still reading this.