Hello <3, So i see you came here to know a little bit more about me i see? you're lovely.

So, I'm Noura aka ArC.Venus , 15 y/o girl who loves music, books, poetry, tea, Art, Food, Cats ,and Fictional boys endlesslyyyy, I love Purple, Marina And The Diamonds, Daughter, Panic! At The Disco, The Civil Wars,

I Write songs, poems, and sing but i fail at them, i play Video games a lot, not good looking (whoops).

i in my nature like to crack jokes from time to time though its really stupid, i love listening to people, Giving advises and all. i'm very crazy when you get to know me, im kinda, you know, complicated, if i act cold-hearted with you just dont get mad, it doesnt mean i hate you, im just like that untill get to know me. andd im sadly very forgiving and quiet. and i act quiet , im just emotionless and over-emotional in the same time, somehow. (whoops again)

I'm the Queen Twerkie and the other members in the clan are my Fellow twerkies (not the leader tho), i just run the tumblr page.

so that's all what ya need to know, please you can ask me whatever you want, and for the hating, you know what's gonna happen to you baby. (whoops once again)