Michael Adams

Warren, Pennsylvania

I live in the "armpit" of Pennsylvania, Warren County. I grew up here, got out for a fairly long stretch, then got dragged back (kicking and screaming) mostly against my will. Still, it's not all bad.

After a fairly solid stint of battling my clinical depression (just kidding, I actually wallowed in it) I have managed to adapt to, if not overcome it, instead focusing my gifts toward improving my life rather than cursing it.

All kidding aside, there's not much to tell. Here's the brief:

I'm fairly short

I'm pretty bald

I'm not particularly slender

I'm single

I like what I drive

I love my job

I hate travel (mostly thanks to a previous job)

I despise internet shorthand

I vote straight Democrat (not because I always agree but because I abhor Tea-Party politics and the Republican party that's too weak to stand up to them)

I want solar power

I have NO faith in Nintendo's ability to create a video game that I'd actually want to play.

I like dogs, but I prefer cats

I really, really miss Pittsburgh

  • Work
    • Technical Writer
  • Education
    • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh