Arda Erol

Roma, Italia

Arda Erol

Roma, Italia

16,08,1984 / Izmir / Turkey

2007 - Istanbul Technical University
Maritime Transportation & Management Engineering

2008 - (worked as 2nd.Officer)

2009- Madison Escuela De Idıomas - Barcelona/Spain
(Worked as an English Teacher)

2010 - (as 2nd.Officer)
Wrote a book named "12 o'clock"

2013 - Izmır City Theater ( worked as Walking Gentleman)

2014- Yasar Unıversıty - Faculty Of Arts & Design - Opera
- Erasmus Programme IICS - Izmır
- Erasmus Programme Placement - Rome
( St.Cecilia Conservatory)

2014 - Conservatorio Di Musica St.Cecilia - Rome/Italy- Opera

...I should have realised my potential when my own web page held half page of a very popular technology magazine, when I was 13 years old...

I am trying to discover who I am and what I am capable of. I am a person of different interests. Have always been into painting , sculpturing , music, philosophy, human psychology and foreign cultures.

My dream is to be free enough to do what I am supposed to do, what I am created for. I want to be me.

We are living the shameful phase of humanity. Our system is concentrated on depleting our resources , creating slavery and destroying dreams , hopes and love . Blocking us to be ourselves and forcing us to worship money. Here in Rome I am figting against this system with/for art and for humanity with the gifted street artists.

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    • Student
  • Education
    • Istanbul Technical University
    • Conservatorio Di Musica Santa Cecilia
    • Yasar University