Arda Karapinar

Independent, World citizen, and Activist in NYC

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*Scieintific Committee Member of HIV Glasgow 2022
*Board Member of U=U Campaign Global Community Board

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Arda Karapınar (a.k.a Minas Panosian, Panosian) is an activist, community writer, NGO expert and founder of Red Ribbon Istanbul, Turkey's leading HIV focused CSO/information provider.

He represents Turkish HIV Community in the media and in high level national, regional and Int. meetings/congress/conferences and also writing regularly on HIV science and treatment updates for Turkey’s most visited HIV theme web-site

Turkey's first HIV positive story book, which he designed the project in 2014, was written by him together with some bestseller writers Bana Bi'Şey Olmaz (Nothing Happens to Me). In 2015, he took on the editorial role of 'Pride', the first fanzine of Turkey’s LGBTI+ pride march history.

In 2017, as guest-honor speaker he gaved opening speech for 10th anniversary of Antwerp (Belgium) Pride.

He take leadership to establish Turkish HIV Community Advisory Board and wrote Turkey's very first World AIDS Day joint declaration, Dec 1st, 2017.

Commercial film that he has played, made special shows abroad. He performed on various premier nights. In 2006 he founded his own theater and performed bar performances.

He completed the NGO Management and Advocacy program at Bilgi University and currently studying on philosophy at Istanbul University.

In 2015, he became a deputy candidate from LibDemsTurkey and elected as the VP in 2017.

In 2018 he has been a panelist at AIDS2018 Amsterdam with Dr. Anthony Fauci and graduate leadership program #IVLP in USA as a guest of the State Department.

In 2019 he gaved a speech at European Parliament about Turkey's HIV story as one of the most successful activist of Turkey and has been guest for a full page interview with an HIV activist on Turkey's most reading daily newspaper for the first time of Turkey's 35 years HIV history.

In 2021 he gaved key-note speech at Synapse Regional Forum on HIV-related stigma and organized Turkey’s very first civil society/activist conference on HIV #HIV2021istanbul

He is currently member of HIV Glasgow 2022's Scientific Committee and Prevention Access Campaign's Global Community Board.

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