Writer and Student in Indonesia

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I really love to read even from nuts wrapper made from old newspaper or some warning on the back of cough syrup bottle. This hobby got me an opportunity to work as Assistant Editor of Bentang Belia at Bentang Pustaka Publisher for 3 months on 2011.

Here are my works as an editor:

+ Celoteh Soleh (B-First, 2012)

+ Looking for Mr.Kim (Bentang Belia, 2012)

Beside editing, I also had a chance to be an Assistant Jury for a couple writing competitions held by Bentang Belia:

+ 30 Hari 30 Buku Writing Competition (2011)

+ Passion Show Writing Competition (2013)

To complete my experience in literary world, on 2012, my first fiction novel came out, and ever since that, I write a number of books.

My writing is focused on pop romance fiction with big city background. I have published three books for Young Adult and now, I'm trying to write romance for adult.

I also have interests on fashion, pop culture, contemporary art, gender equality, sex, feminism, education, internet, social media, be friend with God, deep talk, and living in another country.