Gabriel Lucas

Musician, Producer, and Sound Engineer in Brisbane, Australia

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Gabriel is a multi-instrumental musician,composer, and producer, offering professional audio and music productionservices. After picking up guitar at the age of nine, he has ever sincedeveloped a growing passion for music. As both an artist and engineer himself, Gabrielmanages to combine technical expertise with musical artistry, being bothpragmatic and idealistic in creative pursuits.

Gabriel has a specific interest in using musicand sound to explore the depth and range of human emotional experience, and apassion for creativity in artistic expression. He is also passionate aboutother forms of creative arts, including film and games, but holds a particularinterest in the role of audio in these pursuits. Known for string skills inlistening, understanding, and relating to artists, Gabriel has been writingmusic as a hobby for over ten years, and has worked with recording artists tohelp them realise their full artistic potential.