Arden Ysais

Restaurant Manager in Singapore

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I'm just a simple guy who's working in the Food and Beverage Industry for almost 6 years. Currently I'm a Manager in a Japanese Restaurant here in Singapore, I've been part of this Company since year 2012.

During my Free time I like taking photos of different subjects like buildings, food or any thing that captures my eyes.

I want to travel the World and explore different places and meet new people and experience different Cultures all around the Globe.

I'm looking forward to travel more to different places and i'm really planning it right now, the World is Beautiful and it has a lot to offer.

I also love to eat and read blogs about different Cuisines and on the other side i'm also into Fashion, I always read and see videos about different Men's Styles and what's Trending in the Fashion World of Men.

I have so many Inspirations, My Family and Friends, Fashion Blogger Adam Gallagher and Travel enthusiast Justin Alexander.

I want to share all my experiences to other people and to inspire them to see the World in a different perspective.