Software Engineer and Web Developer in London, United Kingdom

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Enthusiastic human being who loves to explore many things. But since life is short, I have made certain choices. Here are the key things which I am interested in and hope could give you a better picture about me:

"Music is my first love, and it will be my last..."

My passion for music was limited to listening until I finally decided to play the drums. Currently I am practising and trying to learn more about music theory.

The other big passion which has shapedmy career is Tech. I am particularly interested in the web tools, technologies and the business side of tech start-ups.

In fact, I have established my own startup to technology consultation. Currently I am spend most of my time building applications and settings up cloud infrastucture.

To descrive more, I work with a wide range of tools, technologies, stacks and programming languages. Some of the prominent ones are AWS, Linux, Python, Node.js/Javascript and PHP. I really enjoy planning, designing and implementing web applications from concept all the way up to UI side, database schema modelling and micro-services.

Aside from tech, I tend to spend a lot of time on reading books.

Since it is not possible to include everything in this page, I suggest you find more by visiting my website or looking at linkedIn.

Be happy!

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