Ardhika Pangestu

Batam, Indonesia

My name is Ardhika Pangestu Adinugraha my title in my family is "Ardhika the 2nd" what's with that title? why? well, thats's because i'm the second child that my parents "made" . I don't know why i was born on 25 August 1997 at Batam,Indonesia.

I have two "Things" related to me that i don't even know and don't want too know it ever. Joke aside, those things are my brother(human of course), the OLD one name is Ardhika Wisnu Wardana, the young one name is Ardhika Malik Al-Afif. I forgot the when was the OLD one born, on purpose, but the young one was born on 4 july, probably

I love everything about Technology include SciFi(i wonder when it will become real), i like Anime アニメ manga マンガ "eroge"エロゲgalge ガルゲ), listening Music, playing*Online/Offline* game.

i am SHUT IN, i rarely going out, unless there's an interesting event

  • Education
    • High School Student, Second year
    • 2年生 高校生