Ardhya Anargha

Special District Of Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Born in Indonesia.

Had interest in History, Politics, Military, and Design because my habit of playing video games.

Well, one of my earliest game genre was WWI -themed Real Time Strategy (RTS) called "Entete". It was a fine game, introduced me to a whole new world of violence where men in early 20th century Europe fought each other with Gas, Flamethrower,Tanks and Machine gun, I was so into this and by that time, each time if my family going out for some garage sale or book exhibition what i seek is not a toys, but a book regarding WWI or any other History book that has gun, tanks and any other thing like that.

Those kind of things still holed in my brain. Now, my interest expands to not only WWI, but WWII, Cold War, and present day conflict that involves political movement behind them. With the hobby I had of drawing something, it has been common for me each day to draw at least one or two things that are related to stuff that i mentioned earlier.

The Bottom line is,

History has War

War is a political,

War is a cause,

Weapons is the instrument of war,

Associated with military,

Weapons has distinct design and variation

Weapons of war has history which they're used as an instrument to fought for a cause.

  • Work
    • Currently a student in University Of Gajah Mada
  • Education
    • Elemetary school
    • High School