Ardiela Raditya


الحمد لله رب العالمين Praise be to Allah. I'm proud to be young MOSLEM. Neither smart nor stupid. Enough weight for my height. .an ordinary girl. who doesn't like a diamond or a pearl. wakes up every morning w/ nappy hair and has no time to spare. always carrying a smile. thinking life is awesome, most of the time. I love a lot of people. I hate very few. I can make anybody laugh. and I can brighten up anyone's day. because when they're down and depressed, I know exactly what to say. Yea, I do crazy things even the do things I fear. I can be very emotional,but I always keep my tears in. sometimes I have to just let them out and try not to sin. other times i'm a pessimist,and I can be lazy. sometimes, I just need some alone time. when i'm by myself, I solve all my wrongs. I love my family so much, and I love mine so much, Taufan <3 , I'm happy with them. I won't say my life is perfect, but there could be a little more

Don't expect anything from me :) cause i only have mama, papa, older sister, brother in law, bestfriends :) people who i loved.

  • Education
    • TMC Academy Singapore