Jonah Ardiel

Calgary, AB, Canada

Hi everyone! My name is Jonah Ardiel, I am a 22 year old marketing student at the University of Calgary, where I was born and raised. Upon graduation, I hope to venture in a PR or advertising field ideally in the not for profit sector.

I'm interested in varying forms of expressive entertainment. I enjoy creative art, whereas I perform improv and stand-up comedy. I also have a vested interest in health and fitness, taking time to compete in city-wide races. Additionally, I am an avid reader (huge Haruki Murakami fan), and also enjoy personal writing (check my blog:

Finally, I always keep an open mind and strive to expand my interests in all walks of life. I believe every day is a blessing and should not be wasted. I strive to develop, grow, evolve, and mature as an individual daily, both mentally and physically. I believe one's value comes in the form of what we give to others; so I tend to live my life in a manner I hope would be inspiring to those around me.

  • Work
    • Student
  • Education
    • University of Calgary - Bachelor of Commerce