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From the context of this Panama Papers investigation, it was found that many offshore companies had their records stored in electronic storage servers that allowed access by law enforcement authorities for years.

A digital affidavit is a sworn statement that's filed to a U.S. court as evidence in a legal proceeding. The person registering the sworn statement must swear to the truth of the information contained herein. There aren't any physical records to be faxed or mailed to some U.S. court. Instead, the individual should submit to the court or by mail a signed digital Affidavit. An affidavit can be utilised in any criminal or civil proceeding in which the parties are United States citizens or subjects.

In United States federal courts, an affidavit is normally a handwritten declaration that describes a person's claim or subject matter. By way of instance, if an individual were applying for entry as a witness, a sworn statement would be filed with the court and listed. On appeal, a person could avoid the lengthy process of taking a deposit by submitting electronically. Once the files are filed, the case will proceed without a deposit. To expedite a scenario, if a motion for admission is being made, the opposing party may file a movement to electronic delivery.

By filing a Panamanian Affidavit, one is better able to keep important documents that are hard or not possible to store in digital format. It also allows a foreign national access to highly privileged information that's protected in the home nation. Because digital delivery is secure, the process of maintaining records is easy and timely. By accomplishing this, an individual can make sure that documents will always be available when needed.