Lintang Ardiya

In Earth...

Hi All~^^ My Name Is "Lintang Maharani Ardiya" It's too long right. So, you can call me "Lintang" or "Ara". This is my Real Life. All About Me :)

About my school... don't ask -_- Forgett Itttt!!!

Im so lucky to have friends like >> Nadya, Mega, Nethanya, Grace, Gerind, Riska << We call my group is "Sekaii" LOL xD

Im Ex member in @GS_Basketball :'( So, miss you GS member... Yeahh, im basketball player in GS, but in the past. I like Basketball so much. It's fantastic, to can joined in my Basketball Club.

In my basketball club, i have many friends... Im so lucky to have friends like them >> @infinitesrim @andlrs @Talithaitn @Mutiara_Ismalia @Alvina_farah @kusumastuti_k @wulanwibowo_ , dll ._. << ILY Guysss

I have a group, we call this group is "Ficalifa" >> Finta, Cassandra, Lintang (me), Farah << keep solid

I Have many nicknames, which one is like : Baby face, Bambi (Rusa), Ara, Hara, and Bambiii Ara ... LOL xD

Thanks to all my friends, in my fake world >> @michelleaudina @rasya_maulida @dinyusi, dll ._. << Love you so much guyss <3

This is uname of my fake world ( Role Player / RP ) : @DN_YuriGG & @DradShinYeong .... Follow my acc if you have RolePlayer account

And... thanks to Kunti ( A.F ) Gbye... :" ILYSM

Ohhh, im forget... In my picture ( Not Background) in this linkkk !! It's mee... In 7 yearss oldd... Im so young right?? But im not 7 years old again.... hehehe xD

In my background ( in this link ) It's me ( yang ga pake behel ) with my friend in my Basketball club, her name ( my friend ) is "Talitha" im call her "Intan" or "Kak Intan" because she is more old than me... She like my bestie... Her username twitter is @Talithaitn .. All my friends in my Club, is like my sister and my bestie

Okeyyy, done...this is my bio... Protes?? Timpuk battuu nihh -_-)// LOL xD