Ayokunnu Are

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mr. Ayokunnu Are has worked for more than twenty eight years in the private banking insurance and financial services industry. He has been acquiring transactional experience in global fixed-income, global equities and derivative financial products in Africa and North America while also affiliated with numerous banking insurance and financial institutions including Prudential Financial, Allstate Financial Services LLC, RBC Life, Manulife Investments, National Community Foundation and Walton Capital Management.

In January 1988 Mr. Ayokunnu Are founded his own global strategic advisory and consultancy firm, called Money Managers International. They provide a large range of professional services to both private and publicly traded corporate entities as well as small to mid-sized businesses, single families and charitable foundations in addition to high net worth Canadian and US accredited investors. These services have included charitable fund raising, corporate recapitalization, business development, succession planning, estate and retirement planning in addition to asset protection, asset management, wealth preservation, legacy planning, charitable gifting in addition to Venture Capital for corporate projects worldwide requiring immediate funding.

Ayokunnu Are spearheads a team providing premium global financial and insurance services. Ayokunnu Are's habit for augmenting portfolios is a consequence of his meticulous methodology. Believing there is no substitute for personal attention, Ayokunnu Are and his team examines each situation holistically to achieve an individualized wealth maximization strategy.

Ayokunnu Are has over 28 years of experience. He has directly managed ventures in Africa, the United States, and Canada.

Consulting on innovative projects, including International Fund Raising, Retirement Investment Strategies, International Venture Capital, Corporate Recapitalization, (Charitable Gifting, Legacy Planning, Estate Planning, Asset Management, Wealth Preservation, Wealth Creation and Succession Planning) Worldwide, Global Asset Management & Asset Protection Strategies, Offshore Investment Opportunities are within the scope of his expertise.

Given his extensive cross-border financial and strategic advisory experience Ayokunnu Are has spent the past two decades working on immensely challenging international projects in Africa and North America.

  • Education
    • University of Michigan