A. Reddix Associates

Norfolk Virginia

Since its establishment in 2006 as a one-person consultancy, Norfolk, Virginia-based healthcare management consulting firm A. Reddix and Associates (ARDX) has developed into a multimillion-dollar organization that employs an array of highly qualified associates, including business analysts, marketing professionals, statisticians, project management professionals, and SAS programmers. A. Reddix and Associates provides training and technical assistance that reaches thousands of stakeholders monthly through distance learning and computer-based training.

In addition to assisting clients in areas such as customer service management and health information technology, ARDX supports community initiatives to aid children and women. ARDX sponsors Healthcare Academy, a program that encourages exercise and healthy eating to counter the prevalence of obesity among youth. ARDX's Women's Wellness Celebration helps women to grow emotionally, physically, and financially.

A. Reddix and Associates founder, president, and CEO Angela Reddix possesses a background in healthcare compliance, business administration, and human resources development. As head of the company, she handles strategic planning and directs all operations, business development, and marketing activities. Along with positioning ARDX as a leader in the improvement of healthcare practices, Angela Reddix seeks to provide guidance and inspiration for young women and entrepreneurs. In 2013, she served as the keynote speaker at Old Dominion University’s Inaugural Women’s Business Center Success Celebration Program and won recognition from the university’s Business Gateway as an extraordinary business owner.