Arek Haszto

Warsaw, Poland

My name is Arek . I am Mobile Marketing & Mobile Apps Expert ( Last 12 years ) I have a highly qualified knowledge about, Mobile Marketing and App development , Management, business analysis. Over 17 years of experience gained in the German, U.S., and Polish market( PM, HoP, CIO, CTO ) .I am confident that the combination of childhood passion that continues to this day, rich experience, expertise and intuition make me a valuable person and worth hearing. When I was 7 I started to program on spectrum computers. That was unbelieveable adventure; structered world of mathematics and coding consumed me completelely and moved me to world called algorytmic. In 1992, when the age of Intener has come, my hobbies moved on issues commited with internet security and opportunities with streaming informations. I completely devoted to the queen of sciences in her noblest edition - theoretical mathematics. Issues of non-Euclidean mathematics allowed me to see the world from a different perspective.

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    • Politechnika Wrocławska