Arelis Cintron

Bridgeport, CT

Arelis is a woman on a journey called life, learning things as she goes and shares the journey with others, like yourself. She is the owner andmain editor of the blog My Pocketful of Thoughts. My Pocketful of Thoughts also provides a place for other writers to share their journeys towards enlightenment.

She is currently working on a novel. She aims to one day own her own publishing company that publishes a magazine that is read by the entire family, except the pets of course.

When she is not writing or engaging with the Pushing Lovely Community she volunteers her time. On Friday nights she helps with her Church’s Youth Group. She is on a committee to help organize social events at the St. George Parish called John Paul II. She is the current Webmaster of the St. George Parish website.

When she is not volunteering or working you can find her eating a yummy meal with her love, friends and family; Or she might be watching one of the 43 shows on her DVR (She's a TV addict), playing Candy Crush, cleaning her room, running (attempting to) OR shopping (She's addicted to shopping too!).

  • Work
    • Pushing Lovely
  • Education
    • BS in Engineering