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Andrew Renfrow

New Jersey

Recently Google AdWords added a feature that has been helping the PPC team here at Top Floor Technologies manage our keywords more effectively. When looking at the actual search terms people used to click on your ad, Google now gives you the keyword they associated with that search query.

The benefits I saw right off the bat were that I could now differentiate which keywords tended to pull more insignificant traffic than other ones. This helps us decide if we want to change bidding strategy, decide which negative keywords to add, or to flat out remove the keyword all together.

To find this feature, go in the Keyword tab in AdWords. Then under Keyword details, select All. This will bring up all of the search terms that triggered your ad in the chosen time period. Next, click on the Columns tab to customize your columns. Choose the Attributes metric and add Keyword to your columns. Don’t forget to click apply!