D & D Forms & Docs

D & D General Notes - Click Here *Use this link to enter in all of your "brainstorming notes". This is also the form that is to be used when you all have questions for Matthew. Add your question/note/update and then email collaborators.

Outings - D & D Leads & Networking Form - Click Here Establish your outings the day before. It is important to have all of your outings listed in this form.

Outing Results - Click Here Once you all have gone out on your outings, it will be very important to move the outings over to the outing result with an updated note of the outing.

Planning Pages (De'Andre & Darcel - Combined) - Click Here This is a link that you want to check each day. This is your road map to not only your goals, but the goals of the team as well.

D & D Operations - Click Here Each operation that we move on must be in writing and must all be kept in this spreadsheet. This spreadsheet must be checked each day. An operation manager will also be checking this spreadsheet as well to confirm operations schedule.

Operation Planning Page (Rough Draft) - Click Here Matthew will create a "rough draft" of most operations. De'Andre will then fine tune the operation here: Click Here