All Year Appliance Repair

Is your dishwasher spitting dirty water onto your kitchen floor? Do your refrigerator's rumbles make for an annoying distraction in your home? Having fully functional appliances is a luxury we often take for granted--that is, until they stop working. When your daily convenience and routine are in a pinch because of major appliance malfunctions, don't panic: call the professionals at All Year Appliance Repairs! Saving Lorton-based customers with dryer repair, refrigerator repair, washer repair, and more for over 15 years, we're the team of trained specialists you can trust. We're dedicated to providing each of our customers with reliable workmanship and knowledgeable service, and our appliance repair experts are fully licensed and insured. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on new appliances just because of a faulty belt, valve, or switch--save time and money with professional appliance repair instead! If you're ready for the customer service and expertise that can't be beat by any other appliance repair business in the area, call All Year Appliance Repairs today!