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I was taught a lot of things about being a man from growing up fatherless. Here are some of the areas have experience and learned:

1 Having a child makes you a father but not a Dad: What’s the difference?” you might be asking. Well, a father is a proper term for a male that produces a child. But in the eyes of a kid, a father is a “dad” or “daddy.” It’s a name that has to be earned; earned by being supportive of your child both financially and mentally. You don’t become a “dad” without working hard for it or without being there whenever your kids need you.

2: A man needs to be self-sufficient: Don’t depend on someone else or a trust fund for your well-being and livelihood. At any moment, either could disappear from your life. I was fortunate to realize at an early age that no one is going to hand me my dreams or what I need in life, and that I need to go out there and capture it myself. Since we live in modern times we aren’t required to farm and hunt to survive on our own. Self-sufficiency is different; it’s now more about thriving as a man than just surviving. These days we can gain self-suficency by doing things like:

Gaining a varied education: Be open-minded to various cultures, subjects, views, and people. The more things you experience and the more subjects you are knowledgeable about, the more situations you can handle. Seek valuable skills that will make you an asset to employers and communities.

Not letting fear stop you:Fear is probably the biggest obstacle for most people. It keeps us from success, keeps us from getting what we need, and it keeps us dependent on other people.

3: Becoming a man doesn’t come with age: Though the law considers any male 18 and over as a “man,” a boy becomes a true man through experiences and by learning from those experiences. Sometimes this can take years past the age of 18 to happen. Through experience a somebody can becomes a man by:

Taking ownerships of failure

Letting go of stubbornness and accepting lessons

Knowing how to handle challenging situations and fixing

their incorrect reactions and attitudes

Learning more about themselves

4: Blaze your own path instead of following someone’s footsteps: I can’t understand why so many young men decid

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