Scott Reid

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

A Southwest Atlanta native, Doctor Scott Edwin Reid spent his adolescent years exploring the housing projects of John Hope Homes. Dr. Reid, the eldest of three siblings, was raised in a single parent household by his mother Ms. Etta Reid, from whom he modeled his work ethic and sense of integrity. In July 1977 his family relocated from the corner of North side Drive and Greens Ferry to Beecher Street near Cascade Road, maintaining his SW Atlanta status. He attended E.L. Connelly Elementary school and became a member of W.W. Woolfolk Boys Club of Atlanta. While a member of Woolfolk Boys Club he excelled in extracurricular activities; to include, athletics, various club memberships and lessons in cello and percussion.
Dr. Reid spent his high school years at Joseph Emerson Brown High School. During his matriculation he was a stand-out player on the varsity basketball team, a cross-country runner and a participant in various events in track and field. Graduating Brown High in 1984, Reid accepted a track and field scholarship to Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia. During his sophomore year at SSU he became a member of the basketball team as a walk-on candidate. Due to leadership skills and athletic ability he became a well respected player, known for his physical way of play, defensive skills, rebounding ability and calm demeanor in heated competition. He was voted caption of the basketball team his junior and senior years at Savannah State. Dr. Reid received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Personnel Management in 1989 from SSU.
Following his graduation, he joined the US Air Force in 1990. Early on in his Air Force career Reid challenged himself by trying out and earning a place among the elite as a member of The Joint Special Operations Central Command (JSOCC). His ten year tenure allowed specialized training across all The Department of Defense armed forces; however, Reid chose to concentrate on the two very specific duties of Close Air Support, as a Joint Terminal Air Control & Command (JTACC) four years and as a Para-Rescue Man (PJ) during his last six years of service. Reid served as Team Leader seven of his ten years as an SOF Operator. He has over 233 air-borne parachute jumps, 28 successful missions as team leader, speaks fluent Korean and is learning the Arabic language, religion and culture.
Dr. Reid received his Master’s of Human Resources from Troy State University in June 2000 a

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