Areté Club

The ethos behind the club is simple: it is a forum for those with a broad intellectual horizon where there are no egos at the table and the members are supportive.

Prestigious speakers will invigorate the discussion, but it is through our members that the club flourishes. Imagine a group that comes together to generate ideas that might just change the world.

Members are drawn from varied professions and experiences – from the worlds of politics, business, security, law, media and the arts. Here is what we know about our members: smart; well-read; discerning about what they read; opinionated; and generous. Their interests are broad with an appreciation that spans the arts, finance, security, politics and design. They are a multifaceted and multi-talented group with a sense of humour.

The Club encourages innovation and ingenuity from a supportive base.

It is about spreading ideas across industries, across generations and amongst leaders. It promotes well-rounded knowledge, career advancement, finding mentees and mentors, business linking, business fixing, and business brokering.

“Areté” is to become the best of our potential and above anything else to realise a power, an ability to do something. The Greeks believed areté of the body is strength and health, and that areté of the mind is cleverness and insight. What great things to aspire to.