Aretha Thomas

Concord, North Carolina, United States

I reside in North Carolina, and attend Central Piedmont Community College with my daughter. I have been married over fifteen years and have two children. Writing the book, "Maintaining You While Loving Him," has been quite a journey, and a humbling experience. It's filled with Secrets men don’t want women to know.

Ever wondered why your dating life didn’t seem to go anywhere? Do you always find yourself wondering why this keeps happening to you? Well guest what, you're not alone. A lot of the answers to your questions are in this book. Think of it as having a best friend always around to answer questions that you have; for instance, is he married, how do I move on after the break up, or what not to do on the first date? If my life changing strategies are implemented correctly in your own lives, you’re dating or married life will undoubtedly change for the better enabling you to maintain yourself while loving him.

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