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Alejandro Reynoso Garcia

Mexico City, the Federal District, Mexico

I am a passionate Industrial Designer who seeks a life full of experiences and not things. The more I have, the more I love music, coffee and wine. Sailing is my mental escape from the everyday chaos, the wind in my face, and the waves crushing on the hull transport me to a relaxed but aware state, from where new ideas are conceived.I believe creativeness and analytical combined thinking are rare and priceless. I tend to think I have both mind settings. This unique feature, gives me a powerful and strategic new perspective to analyze and solve problems or identify new ideas. I strive to outperform my dreams, but in the process I am carful no to step on someone else path. Hard Work, planning and resources procurement, are the key to successful project success in any field of life. Mistakes are not failures, they are powerful teacher for future endeavors.AR

  • Work
    • herman miller
  • Education
    • Industrial Design
    • MBA
    • mba marketing
    • lightning designer