Arfa Tahir

Assalam-o-alaikum.Its me arfa.Am a homebird, having a pretty much shy, lazy but enthusiastic personality and want some great opportunity to earn name and money (oo AaoU I guess am much straightforward :P ) .Am a bit immature n sensitive hearted n love to play with kids.By thinking am a backward n quite simple type of person sometimes I feel like I ought to be born in 18th century.I luv to be fashionista but within my home.I dont want to interact with people,am happy in my own world.My philosophy is Do Good,Have Good.. If you people do good with me then I would also be nice with you,,But if you guys are trying to be over-smart with me ,then I would also tell you that who am I.My personal formula for people is LIVE OR LEAVE.If i find the people sincere with me then its cool otherwise i would just leave them..there is nothing in between..n i hate to go into parties or get-togthers.

As far as my study field is concerned so let me tell u am doing Bs (hons) in Zoology n i really like this subject Alhumdulillah.My point of view for study is Don,t study hard , but study smart.Am not that type of person who can keep on studying or cramming for hours.I just read my notes once n try to understand the exact meaning of words.

As far as my family is concerned so yup i luv my family (n i guess they luv me too :P).I have 2 brothers n am the only sister .n my best friend is my mom (whom i call ammaan n when am in funny mood then i call her by her name too :P). We feel more fun when we r alone at home n we do a kind of small party n fun.n i really want to do some special thing in life n make her feel proud.I also like my brothers but i guess they r a bit selfish.I luv myself ( i guess teenage is a beautiful period for everybody).

So,this was all about me.Hope so you would like it :)