Hiya, there!

My pen name is Arfictione. But you can call me Rifka, if you want to. Page twenty and chapter eleven of nine(ty)nine generation trilogy.

I'd love to reading book (novel etc, not ensiklopedia and many kind of them). I have a lot of imagination so writing is the best way to express it. I'm playing with photoshop too (but when it becomes not responding i just want to burn it down) XD My job is just listening to music and watching movies, i'm serious. Well, ya that was i hope but the reality is i'm a lazy student.

Conclusion, like reading and writing ; love art ; music is my soul ; movies is my best friend ; can't life without internet :)

Genre | Fantasy, Action, Sci-fi, Mystery *hate horror.

Movie | The Hunger Games lover ; Harry Potter (movie) collector ; Sherlock Holmes inspired ; Percy Jackson (/Logan Lerman) fan.