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Weather of Argentina in April

Argentina is a beautiful country with natural sceneries. Are you planning your travel to Argentina in April? If yes, then you must know about weather conditions in different parts of Argentina in April. This will help you to pack your bags accordingly. Here is brief guide to weather conditions in different locations of Argentina in April.

Buenos Aires: The city has mild climate all throughout the year. The month of April marks the autumn month which is pleasant. The weather is perfectly fine to enjoy shopping and night life in the city.

Iguazu Falls: The Iguazu Falls is never to miss view of Argentina in April. The weather of Igazu Falls is little hot in April. As the rainy season ends in month of March, the April month is pleasant and high waterfalls can be experienced. The highest temperature recorded in April is 81oF while the lowest is 62 oF.

Salta: The month of April is summer season in Salta, where the climate is warm and dry. The summer months are accompanied with little rains. The temperature of Salta drops significantly in evening in month of April.

Mendoza: Every tourist visits this place of wine forests. Mendoza is located in mountainous region thus its climate is greatly affected by these mountains. The weather over here is dry and mild with rainfall. In month of April, you will experience bright sunshine with clear skies. The weather is perfect for relaxing. However, the weather changes in short time thus you must carry warm clothes on your travel to Argentina in April.

Bariloche: This city is located along side cold water lake. Thus, the temperature varies considerably over here. The month of April is autumn month with blend of both summers and rains. In month of April, the sunrise at 6 am and sunset is at 10 pm.

El Calafate: The month of April in El Calafate is windy, dry, and sunny. The winds are major consideration in this place. The forceful winds from Antarctica blow in this region which can be harmful.

Ushuaia: Located in extreme southern part of Argentina. It has mild climate all throughout the year. The month of April is the warm without rains.

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