Arghya Deb Nath (Bapu)


It is time to think about our future. Being human we are proving our supremacy over the world. But have we ever thought about our activities? I think we don’t. Modern science has increased foodsupply, accommodations, medical facilities, tech supports for communications, military and so on. But the stability of World Peace has increased a little. We are wasting our brain and muscles in wrong way and also against ourselves rather than we use these for establishing Peace and prosperity. You may say that you have gained much prosperity. I would like to say you that the prosperity is for your own only and like other peaceful people you too are facing thereat which is gradually increasing day by day. Now judge the value of your prosperities.

It is true that we can not gain 100% complements for our works but we have to do for it as much as possible. I have a plan and I am working on it. I am working for establishing proper human rights. It will protect human properly from any present and future hazards, shelter for victims, proper education and so on. It is quite tough for a single man to do much and it does not mean that I am asking for money to you. I am asking for your kind attention on my work plans, give suggestions and ideas and if you can, please join with me in PEACE SOCIETY..

  • Work
    • Dhaka Stock Exchange, Dhaka
  • Education
    • Govt. P.C. College, Bagerhat
    • Bagerhat Govt. High School, Bagerhat
    • National University of Bangladesh