Argiris Giovanis

Writer in Θεσσαλονίκη, Ελλάδα

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I was born at 03:00 in 29th of August ,the year 1991. For as long as i remember my self i have been trying to blend in. Unlike most people i want to look ordinary ,not be one though. Actually up until i had a fraction of a character and a few experiences i was ordinary ,at least i think i was. Things started changing around my seventeenth birthday ,but really changed after my twentieth. It was a combination of books ,experiences ,failures ,love and a serious injury in my back that forced the change. Up until then i was really into sports with the highlights being football (soccer) ,parkour and mountain biking. I often wonder who i would be without that injury though. I started reading more ,questioning more and doing things that put me on a path to being very different than most people. When i say different ,i mean my thinking process. To some people i will sound stupid and ordinary or possibly crazy ,afterall i am no Tesla (who is thought to be crazy by many people) or Shakespear. The roots for my thoughts were planted when i was around thirteen and i started questioning religion. Now i have expanded those questions to every direction and sometimes i flirt with the ideas of subjective idealism. So in the blog i have created i will express my feelings about many daily things and will also be writing a few pages with different subject each time ,such as philosophy ,fiction and comedy. I hope i painted a good picture of myself. For more you can always ask me on facebook or via e-mail.